Gud day geeks!
This is intended for my thesis!
We are creating our own Computer laboratory management with network monitoring system from the computer laboratory users.
I would like to know is there other references aside with the wireshark? I've been searching for a month now, the other sources does not suit my needs. Some also recommend JPCAP however I don't have any knowledge regarding this kind of API.
Could you gave me some other sources. Thanks!

P.S I am only a beginner specifically in network programming.

Wireshark would not be a basis for this since even with a pair of WAPs (you are a network thesis writer so I'll use common acronymns) you won't get packet data from the other WAP. So monitoring is done from the monitoring port of you network plant. This is why many will design the network plant with monitoring, logging being built into the design. Adding it later may be costly.

Cisco networking usually has this built in with only the need to buy their software and create the reports the management wants to see. It is rarely created from scratch.

That said, monitoring is getting less and less effective. Between TOR and VPN use, you can't piece the wall and see what the user is doing over the VPN so it's a fool's errand to create a new monitoring system.