Hi everyone,

Can You please help me with the Round-Robin scheduler
algorithm (C language)

My program will use as a Datastructure a doubly linked list to hold

processes( I will represent my process as: Id(char*), Priority(int) ( a

process with priority n will have n CPU time slots) and a

contextaddress (char*) (address of space holding information about

the process)

My program will allow the following operation :add/new process

(assuming we want to insert the new process according to its

priority), deleting process,searching a process(by Id,by

priority),starvation (increasing the priority of a process (by one) and

changing its order to the right place-Avoiding starvation (process

waiting for too long))and execution(displaying the existing processes

Ids starting from the head of the list)

I really need your help guys, sorry for bothering and Thank You

in advance,

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Sorry but I only know C language..THx a lot for trying

"i only know" basically means "my tutor will only accept projects coded in.." ?

try koders.com.

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