i want to convert my old desktop windows program to a language that is independent of microsoft .. don't ask why.

.. my old program is written in visual-basic (vb.net) and works with microsoft access databases.

.. the old program contains about 20 different forms for data input/output.

.. the old program contains about 70,000 lines of code.

.. it is distributed to my windows users for installation using a standard (.exe) or (.msi) file.

.. it contains numerous modules or sub-routines which require global variables.

.. it uses arrays.

.. it uses list boxes (tables), checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down combo-boxes, etc.

.. it uses timer controls so the program can do things at certain intervals.

.. it incorporates dlls.

.. it accesses the rs-232 com ports for input/output of information to/from other devices.

.. it displays bmp and jpg images in a picture box

.. it paints specific areas of a graphic image which is contained in a picture box.
.. for example, it colors certain states of a country map, or it puts a red dot on a world map.

.. it displays a gray-line (day-night) world map which shows which parts of the earth are in daylight.

.. it uses a lot of complex math.

.. it pulls data from websites.

.. it locates, creates, opens, reads/writes, and saves text files.
.. it creates, renames, and deletes folders

.. it creates and works with large built-in relational databases.

.. it uses an address to display (in a picture box) a google or bing map of the location.

.. it allows for customized printing such as mailing labels.

(-) i do not need an object oriented language that is built around classes.
(+) i do want to develop the program using a powerful (ide).
(+) i do want versions of the program to work on windows, linux, and apple desktop pcs.

? what (powerful) general purpose (ide) programming language do you suggest i switch to ?

(*) you can see (and download a free version of) my old program by
searching the internet for (wa0h) .. (0) is the number zero
most links will take you to my website .. wa0h (dot) com.

jerry .. age 77 .. jerrywa0h@sbcglobal.net .. programming since 1963 (an old timer)

My first thought? Probably it's time for Java and for the IDE NetBeans or Intelli(something) like they use in Android Studio.

Me? Be around since the 70's programming. This week, a client is asking for a VB6 update. What fun it is to open up apps that are over a decade or more old.

i do want to develop the program using a powerful (ide).
i do want versions of the program to work on windows, linux, and apple desktop pcs.

Java/Netbeans would be an obvious choice.

JC (newbie, only programming since 1969)

If you want a cross-platform UI that doesn't suck golf balls through a hosepipe I'd recommend Qt and Qt-Creator.

It's extensive, well-tested, been around since the mid nineties and has bindings for plenty of languages, but works best with C++.

Lots of high-profile commercial software and big open source projects use it and it's licenced under the LGPL.