I had made a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database with more than 2000 records. A copy of which was given to my friend. We both made a number of amendments and added new records in our respective copies. Now I want to compare both databases & merge the databases into one. There is only one table in the database, so basically both the tables need to be merged with the amendments made by both of us. How do I do it?

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So you have a target database (the one you'll be left with at the end) and a source database, the one you'll copy from. Take a backup of both of your databases before you start.

If you have any unique fields you need to remove them from the source database. So, if you have an auto-incrementing id field, drop it. Once it's ready, you can export it as a CSV. Note that if you miss this step, your import is likely to fail because the ID's assigned to your records and his records will clash.

Now, in your target database, click 'Import from Text File' (this varies depending on the version you're using) and pick the freshly-exported CSV file. Go through the wizard and try it out. Hopefully his data will be alongside yours in the table.

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