I need some help in java

1.The program browse the filename of the text file to be counted
2.The contents of the file will be stored to a temporary storage.
3.Identifies if the c source code in a form of text file is physical lines of code, blank lines of code, comment lines of code and logical lines of code.

  1. Counts the number of ploc, bloc, cloc and lloc.
  2. Display the content in a text field.
  3. The displayed output will be the identified lines of code and the number of counts in each ploc, bloc, cloc and lloc.

Thanks you!

Sure. No problem. The Java app at https://github.com/MSUSEL/msusel-loc-metrics has full source and does all that. As to your file browser, you could look for that and then integrate the msusel effort.

commented: This is obviously homework, so linking to someone else's pre-written solution isn't the right kind of help. -3
commented: do you know the algorithm? +0