Hi all, thanks in advance for your help.

Is it possible (and if so how:sad: ) in Excel (using VBA or whatever easiest) to have 2 worksheets A and B where worksheet B is atomatically updated. A bit more complicated tho!! I enter data into A, and B takes that data and enters into column 1 for instance. (or column January). When i clear A and enter new data, B takes the new data again but this time puts it into column 2 (or Feb for instance)???
Any ideas....thanks a mill, been wrecking my head :rolleyes:

Hi, Thanks for getting back - Im using the VB built into Excel
Will have a look at the tutorials now

hi there.i'm new here.
i need your consultation on how to create an automation in excel.
basic idea is using communication between microcontroller PIC to RS232 and to automated the excel.
can anyone help me.thanx