1. The Broken Arrow cellular company has hired you to write a billing program for data usage on their new 4-tier 5G network. The rate schedule, including discounts for certain customers, is below.
    Base rate is $12.00 and includes up to 1 gigabyte of data.
    Anything over 1 gigabyte is an additional $10.00.
    Normal customers get no discount.
    Students get a 20% discount on data over 1 gigabyte.
    Retirees get a 10% discount on data over 1 gigabyte.
  2. Input the following. DO NOT change the order of input or the formats:
    A six character customer number: xxxxxx
    A single character customer status of 'N'/'n' (normal), 'S'/'s' (student), 'R'/'r' (retired). (Accept upper or lower case.)
    Number of gigabytes used to 2 decimal places.
  3. Based on the input, calculate the amount of a customer's bill and output the data as follows:

*Output the following data in the format shown.

Customer number: xxxxxx
Customer status: x
Discount (percent): xx.xx
Gigabytes used: x.xx
Amount: $xxx.xx

please help

Please show some effort (per the Community Rules.) Also, NO company would do this so it's a bad example. Such would likely be web based and developed with a stack of web technologies which is another sign this must be homework. Show your work. Point out where you are stuck.