hii all
i guess this is a simple problem but somehow i cant figure out the answer to it. i wrote a vb6 code which uses a particular software to draw a picture, saves it in the hard disk and then displays it in a picturebox.
now what i need is to display another picture in the same picturebox below the previous one.
any ideas?

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If you want to use the same picturebox to display 2 pictures, you'll have to find a way to make VB merge the two pictures in the format you want. Why can't they be different pictureboxes, made to look like one?

hmm thats a good idea.. why didnt i think of that..
thanks comatose.

well but there might be a small problem...
the first pic is quite large in size.. so for that to be displayed i have to make a picbox of that size which wud take most of the screen area.. so where do i put the next picbox.
wud that mean i need to put some vertical scroll bars.. but then there r 2 picboxes now.. so how do i manage that.
seems i m confused.
any help?

Ok, well, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? I mean, are you trying to display a picture, and then display another picture over it (like a watermark or logo)? You could always use bitblt and write both pictures to the same box, but you'll have to do quite a bit of trial and error to figure out where you want the other one to be placed.... let me know what you are doing, and I'll see what I can do.

no .. not over it.. but below the first picture.. they r two separate pictures.

Right, I get that, but what for? If you tell me what you are building, I might be able to come up with an alternative method of doing what you want....

EDIT: Here is a quick program that I threw together that has 3 picture boxes.... the main picturebox, and then the two pictures that get put into the 1 picturebox. So, picture2 and 3 contain the template pictures, and then you'll see in the code on form_load, that I use bitblt to load both pictures in the 1 picturebox, 1 directly beneath the other. You may want to play with the second bitblt a little, try changing it's Y position, or X position, and see how it looks and what it does. Anyway, here you go...

well i wrote a code which generates two pics using a software. all i want is to display them in a picturebox.
thanks for the code.. i will go thru it.

I want to trying to display a picture, and then display another picture over it (like a watermark or logo)?

Please help me;

My email address is; mhan@morphan.com.tr.

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