I am (very) new to Java and am trying to convert a large VB 6 program to Java. My program does a lot of calculations and then outputs the information to screen, file or printer. My problem is outputting the data in a certain formate and viewing/printing the info.

The out put looks a little like this:

Name Date
Number City
My Title - New

jan feb mar............Total
data1 x x x xx
data2 x x x xx
data3 x x x xx

In VB I have an OCX that does the trick. I though I found a JAR to do print preview but I don't know how to use the Jar. Iput the JAR in the same path as the JAVA core files and imported the JAR, using the path and file names, but it does not work.

Any suggestions or ideas would be deeply :) appreciated. Thanks Ronnie

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in ur Compiler, go to project settings, and import the jar file.

Thanks, How do I know the methods/calls in the Jar?

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