Hi guys!

I was trying to upgrade a VB 6 program that involves updating of databases through SMS by in putting AT commands through Serial port to a GSM modem(SIEMENS)

There are certain syntax that are not recognised. I need to seek your kind help if there are any good books, websites or tutorials that can help me to find the EQUIVALENT syntax of the old VB6 program.

Some common syntax that I found not correct in VB 2005 are listed below.

Bolded codes are the ones they say its not a member of so and so

If [B]Comm1.PortOpen [/B]= False Then 
          [B]  Comm1.PortOpen [/B]= True 
                Comm1.DtrEnable = True 
                Comm1.RtsEnable = True 
           [B]Comm1.RThreshold [/B]= 1 
              Comm1.InputLen = 1 
         [B] Comm1.Output [/B]= "AT" & vbCrLf 
End If
Private Sub Logins() 
        Dim DB As[B] Database [/B]      
        Dim RSadmin As [B]Recordset[/B] 

        DB = [B]OpenDatabase[/B](App.Path & "\dblog.mdb") 
        RSadmin = DB.OpenRecordset("Admins", [B]dbOpenTable[/B]) 
End Sub

you dont access the com ports like than in vb2005 you have to access them thorugh calls to the .net framweork

Did your copy of vs come with the MSDN lobary on cd?
Its great for stuff like this

for most of the db stuff you use server explorer