Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, its sort've a big collective question on how to go about building a database program =p. Yes, it is a project for school, I've got about a month to do it, I'm quite new to VB and so I'm trying to get as much help as possible :eek:

Pretty much, the program is going to be a program that will the teacher of a class to input data about each student, - course book numbers, telephone, e-mail, name, grade, etc. as well as have a sign out system that will allow the students to sign out equipment. I've got ideas on how to do it, but its applying it which I'm quite lost with.

I've tried a lot of these following things and been quite unsuccessful.

A) Can i use a .mdb with a flex grid? if so, how? I haven't been able to do it- the Data control doesnt seem to work the same way as an ADODC control.

B) Are there ways i can add search functions, add buttons, delete buttons, sorting functions, edit buttons to a DataGrid to make it more usable? OR if A) is possible, can I do so with FlexGrid?

C) In my access database if I have say 5 column headers, and I only want 3 to show up in a main table on the program but all 5 to show up on a "More Info" form can I do so?

D) Related to C: Can I create a button that will allow me to select an entry from a FlexGrid table and have it take the user to a new form by clicking a button which will display more information?

E) Ideally, I would like to input an "admin" section in which the user could edit things about the program (ie. list box contents, database contents, etc) but the database couldnt be modified unless in that admin mode.

I know its a lot, but I'm sure someone knows of some tutorials that could help me or someone could walk me through it themselves. I'm sure I'll think of more to ask hehe. I've got about a month to do it as I mentioned earlier, and I haven't got a clue how long it will take me :-|

Thanks for any help you can offer,

[EDIT] I read the sticky you guys have on this forum, I have tried a lot of this, I'm still really new to VB and the only other language I've done is HTML, which doesn't really help anything :P [/EDIT]

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due to popular demand, im back!

Ok, ive got a problem: the following is _supposed_ to search a database and show the entry based on what the code returns..

Private Sub cmdFind_Click()
Prompt$ = "Enter the full (complete) Student Name."
SearchStr$ = InputBox(Prompt$, "Name Search")
datstudent2.Recordset.Index = "Student Name"
datstudent2.Recordset.Seek "=", SearchStr$
If datstudent2.Recordset.NoMatch Then
End If
End Sub

unfortunately, it just tells me there is an error and says "Student Name" is not an index? how can i fix this?

Haven't worked in VB6 in a long time, so not sure if something like this would help?? :confused:

Private Sub Search_Click()
Set dbindex = td.Indexes(0)
dbrecordset.Index = dbindex.Name
End Sub

After the user dismisses the Search… dialog box, we retrieve the text to search for from that dialog
box’s text box and place that text in the record set’s Seek property, along with the command “=, which indicates we want to find exact matches to the search text:

Sub SearchTable()
dbrecordset.Seek "=", SearchForm.Text1.Text

hi there i just want to ask you guys if theres already a newest SQL server 7.0 which is im quiet comfortable of using it rather that MS ACCESS. because of its efficiency!!! is there any??

Hi..I saw your post.I'm making a similar program and i'm really desperate coz ihave less than 2 weeks to do it..can u send me a copy of your program,if its ok. Don't worry, i'lljust use it as reference..here's my email voxviennasierra@gmail.com

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