I have written a small app which allows me to page through numerically-sequenced online images via a VB-5 WebBrowser control window and a few buttons. The app works quite well, but I want to know 2 things.

1. Is there a way to have images auto-resize to fit the available WebBrowser area within the app. I've read through the WebBrowser docs at MSDN.COM, but didn't find anything that helped.

2. Is there a way to directly access the right-click, SaveImageAs menu option without having to actually right-click over an image in the WebBrowser control while viewing onlineimages? What I want to do is set up a button that will automatically save an image to a pre-specififed directory using the full URL (with some minor modifications which I will code in) as the image save-as filename. I can do all the text manipulation to form the file-name etc, but I can't find a way to access the right-click menu with code. If there's a way to bring the image into a picture box, and save it from there, that would work as well.

Please note that I am using VB5 Professional editon when replying.