I got a book and some software together ( VB2003 Standard Edition on cdroms and VB2003 Step by step by Microsoft Press). there excellent for beginner. It started me off in VB. Book is 300 big pages and its also included on the CDrom in HTML format. The whole lot cost me £95 in 2004 ( at the time VB2003 on its own was £100 and the book must be worth like 39.99)

A friend wants to buy it (Ive now got the .NET 2005 version and use it in conjunction with Express edition). How much do you think i should let it go for? Also is resale against the EULA?

I'm not a lawyer, so this is not legal advice but "just some guy talking": if you uninstall the software that came with the book, you can sell it for whatever price you can get for it.

I agree with tgreer -- sell it or give it away to your friend. Even if it is illegal the softward police are not going to go after you because it is only a one-time deal. Now, if you are in the business of selling illegal software, that is a different story.

Thank you. I may sell it then.

Do any of you have VB.NET 2003 SE?

I find it useful in conjunction with express edition as VB2003 has things like the dataform wizard which express doesnt have

Strictly speaking from my experiences, there are stores in my town that will buy and resell software at a reduced price (games, apps, etc). One in particular is called "Half Priced Books". For the most part, from what I've read in the past, as long as you un-install software from your machine, you could legally install it on another machine. It would follow that it really wouldn't matter if it was *your* machine, or someone elses. If they happen to give you a ...delivery fee, so be it. Also, you can sell software (used or new) on eBay so long as it is accompanied by some "hard" item (book, device, etc). I'm guessing, shouldn't be a problem.

Some software (AutoCad for one) will not let you resell the software, it is in the license. Don't know about vb but I think you can resell it.

Many software licenses I have read say that you do not own the soaftware but you own the right to use the software.

hence "licence"

anyways i read up on it, in the eula it says that:

you may make make a one-time permanent transfer of the software product and all associated materials including this EULA provided the recipient agrees with the terms of thie EULA and you remove all copies of the software from your PC

so im selling it and getting the 2005 version (to use with express)