I want to know c++ language from the basic

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That's an admirable goal. You'll probably want a good book (I recommend Accelerated C++), a good compiler (Visual C++ 2005 Express is good and easy to use and it scales well as you learn), and a good community (such as this one) to help you with tougher problems.

You'll also need a good solid 6 months of daily study (several hours per day), and a good long stretch afterwards of daily use (say a couple of years) to really hone your skills.

I've been reading (on and off) "Objects, Abstraction, Data Structures, and Design using C++", Koffman and Wolfgang.
Excellent books, especially in combination with "Accellerated C++".
ISBN 0471467553

Try bjarne stroustrup's book: C++ Programming Language
Although it is a little cryptic, but i find that it covers everything, well he made it afterall.

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I like the list Dave Sinkula posted sometime ago: C++ book list :!:

Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ Programming Language is great, however, in my personal opinion, not the first C++ book you should read as a beginner!!!

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