I am very new to the IT field and I just need some type of guidance and types on making flowcharts, data dictionaries, and pseudocodes. I think I am making them harder than what they are.

I have a homework assignment that I just need some guidance on how to get started.

I need to construct a data dictionary, hieraracy chart and pseudocode for a program to calculate commissions.

Output= commission report shown in the spacing chart that follows. At most 50 detail lines are to appear on each page. Include page no. and the current date on each page.

Input= records containing the salesperson's name, commission code, and amt. of sales. The program will contain a number between 1 and 10.

Processing = commission is calculated by multiplying the amount of sales from the input by the commission rate.

Rates= .01,.15,.25,.05,.50,.18,.20,.33,.10,.15

Only commission rate is included, not the codes. The row in the array corresponds to the code entered by the user.

***I just need some guidance on how to get started and how not to make this as complicated as I am doing now.