I m Fresher.
I m working on Windows Mobile 5.0
And Doing Project in Microsoft visual Studio .Net 2005 using VC++/ SDK 2003.

I m working on Proect " Task Manager for Windows Mobile 5.0 "
Its something like Task Manager available for our PCs.
we r making it for windows Mobile.
I need list of Processes and List of Applications.
List of Process I got usng PROCESSENTRY32.

But I dont get the List of Currently Running Applications.
I m not working with MFC...
Even I gt reply from one person ..but that is for MFC...
If u know other than this....

Please reply.....


If you download the source code in that link I posted it will show you how to get the processes. Getting the process list is NOT MFC. The part of that project that uses MFC is displaying the results.