hi, every one. I want to develope an application similar to outlook express that is an e-mail client. i want to do it using Java but i don't really know how and what to use. I have been trying to find information on the internet and i came accross secure inet factory but i don't know anything about it. So please if anyone knows what packages i can make use of or what and how to do so, i'll really be happy if you let me know.

you want to write an e-mail client? how new are you to java?

You'll at the very least need Swing and some networking code.
JavaMail and JAF (required by JavaMail) make working with email a lot easier though, you can get both from Sun.

you want to write an e-mail client? how new are you to java?

actually am not new to Java, i have Sun certificate for completing the Java SL275. So am quite familair with alot of stuff except for the networking aspect which i know will be useful in developing an e-mail client and i really need help for this one please?

thanks, can i use your help when i get stuck at some point?

hi, i downloaded the JavaMail from Sun but when i try to execute the jar file, it gives me an error saying failed to load main class, i don't know what the problem is

use somethn like WinZip to look inside the jar file.. make sure the manifest file is ok, and the main class it refers to is in the jar... but you would think that sun would have made sure it worked.. is ur jre and j2se up-to-date?

JavaMail is NOT a program, it's a class library you can use to read and write email from and to a mailserver from your own program.

SL275 btw doesn't yield a "certificate", you only get a piece of paper stating you have attended the course :)
I also got a nice tote bag and a pen, but that's possibly not the norm.

yeah sorry i got the paper stating i completed SL275 but i still know alot of things in Java, so please i really need your help about this e-mail client if possible

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