I need your help .
i have to develop my knowledge
in‘English words’.
I try to byheart the new words from books, and I am unable to keep
in mind and often forgetting. So I decided to develop a package for
my won use.
It should be like a simple exercise tool.
so that I should practice it
and it should make the words familiar every day
what I have read from books.
for this I have a plan to create a tamizh to English dictionary like
program.(not english to thamizh)
This program should perform the following.
1.first it should show a tamizh word in a text box from a limited set
of words (1500).
2. then it should show the equaling word in English in another text
box , only when I click the button . ( In this way I can verify my guessing(by hearted) English word with the
displayed correct word in the text box) .
3. tamil Words should be showed in tamil text box one after one randomly (should not be in sequence, but shuffled)
4. It should repeat the step1 and 2 and endlessly
so that, I can practice the words using the tool and get strong in my
memory through this exercise regularly.
Will this concept be complicated to develop? (For my simple use)
If not yes, please tell me the detail about to create.(both the
logics of the program and required softwares)
I am not able to image how to combine both tamizh and English database)
Or is there any freeware to download to full these aspects?
Please send me your reply to solve this problem, so that your guide I
can start develop the program.

Thanga Siva

hi thanga siva
i'm from tamil nadu
your tool is very interesting
for this your app must support unicode tamil fonts search(google) internet for help on unicode
l'll give you a hint
imagine that the following word is a tamil word
this assign this unique word a number say "600"
and the english equivalent "hello" will also have a value of "600" making it numerically equal

contact me for further help i'll be more than happy

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