It appears every one is Usung Standard C++, Am using Borland and in my college we are stil stading borland can any one brief me about standard an may be is there need for me to switch to standard

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If you're developing a compiler or something you need to worry.. otherwise it really doesn't matter that much as a user.. !

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We too are supposed to use Borland C++ 3 in our school. But in college they shoudn't. Standard C++ comes with few more features and changes thrown in. Syntax is although same. Some changes are introduction of template classes, STL, exception handling methods etc...
You may skim through few tutorials over the web and observe the changes yourself:

Standard C++ means they are using the normal functions and methods as defined by the Standards Committee that basically laid out the language. Each compiler will allow the standard functionality as described by said standard.

Compiler designers also add additional functionality that is not standard, and that is what you have to watch out for. They do this to allow the programmer to do things the language is not specifically designed to do, such as special I/O functions, directory manipulation, etc. Off the top of my head, for you anything from conio.h, dos.h, and dir.h at a minimum should be avoided.

Of course older compilers will implement older versions of the standard which are often at odds (in places) with later versions.
So much for standards :)

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