I need some help with some Java code for a web interface that provides should provide task information as follows. Just give me some guidence and I will (try)do it on my own. Thanks. Input parameters are date char(8) YYYYMMDD and tasknumber – char(4) If date is today it should go to http://www.info.com/servlet/info?number=1234&date=Today&request=main If date is tomorrow it should go to http://www.info.com/servlet/innfo?number=1234&date=Tomorrow&request=main If date is yesterday it should go to http://www.info.com/servlet/info?number=1234&date=Yesterday&request=main

Just write some if statements. First off, make sure that you have a 4 digit task number
if the length of the tasknumber = 4 then
if date = today's date then
go to the corresponding link
elseif date = today's date + 1 day then
go to the tomorrow date link
elseif date = today's date - 1 day then
go to the yesterday date link
have a message stating that the date is incorrect or does not have a corresponding link

end if

Hope that this pseudocode helps