its me again, i was thinking of asking you this questions since....
I study C++ by myself without any tutor apart from the help i get here... although i understand everything i read... and i solve most of the exercises easily .. except few... i don't know.. is this a good idea or i am just wasting my time... i use this textbook "deitel C++ 5th edition" very big and self explanatory... i use the experience i have had in school when i was taught pascal programming....... I want an advice on my style of learning C++;

I was thinking wether it would be a good idea to start looking into JAVA while i continue with C++ becos i heard that both languages are closely related....

I hope my head wont explode? because C++ itself has consumed me...


java is like c#, not c++.

java is like c#, not c++.

but do you think i can do C++ and JAVA together... since programming is just the samer logic but different syntax..... if i knew C++ when i was doing pascal, i am sure i would be able to do it then.

Like I said, they are not the same logic. Java is like C#, not C++.

If you think you can learn 2 different languages, then go ahead but I'm just letting you know they are different.

thanks alot,
i guess i should just stick to my C++, but is the way i study fruitful?

Study however you think you learn the best. That's no place for anyone here to talk about.

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