I would like to ask you about using Team foundation Server as bug tracking system.

Already we are using Countersoft Gemini, this is one of many bug tracking application.

Because we started to use repository and build from Team Foundation Server, we consider also migrating bug tracking system to TFS work items.

What do you think about this?

Can TFS be utilized as complete bug tracking system with time logging and issue managements functionality?

Do you have any experiences with migration from other bug tracker to TFS?

Thanks for answers


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We use TFS at my workplace, as a bug tracking solution i find it convenient.
I don't have migration experience form different system, but you could probably do it easily thru excel file or api.


There is a learning curve when installing and configuring TFS, but it is an excellent system. Bug tracking capabilities are great (you can completely customize workflows, alerts, requirements, associated test cases, etc...), and the TFS system scales into other areas of QA - automated builds, unit testing, and GUI testing (assuming you also use it for source control).

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