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Q&A VB.NET and Truncated Email - 2 Examples

We have a scheduled task which runs every 5mins and sends pending email campaign.
The script has been written in VB.NET and following is the code which actually sends the mail:

set mailer = createobject("cdo.message")
mailer.subject = this_subject
mailer.from = "name<email address>"
mailer.to = this_to
mailer.htmlbody = this_body
set mailer = nothing

1) PROBLEM: The process is working fine for most of the email clients,but email body is cutting off
for clients email domains ending in rr. (road runner) @neo.rr.com @indy.rr.com and columbus.rr.com

2) Q & A
a. It is not a memory problem with the clients RR email server because:
I also tried sending one 'TEXT only' email to a member having the rr. domain using our
mailing application and the body text got cut-off, so the problem is not with the header or footer or
max. amount of memory exceeded.

b. It is not a server or client side spam blocker because:
There are no strange symbols or characters in the body. The missing text occurs either mid-sentence
or sometimes (between letters) Example: Hello There would break as Hello Th... SEE GRAPHIC BELOW

c. It is not a true 'line truncation' because:
In every case the member receives the footer, but the body text is missing.

2) WHY would an email/server and client allow display of the HEADER and FOOTER --
but break the 'BODY' mid-sentence? ... SEE GRAPHIC BELOW

Any suggestions or work around's out there? Anyone else seen this problem - receiving cut-off or
incomplete HTML emails?THIS IS ONLY HAPPENING TO OUR MEMBERS WHO HAVE THE RR. DOMAIN. I have ran this past the national
help desk for Road Runner in Canada and they are stumped. As far as getting local support from RR.... no chance.

Here is the archived article.


In this second example the paragraph stops - mid sentence and then continues in the second paragraph.
This email came from a member at name@mh118@cvip.net

Here is the archived article: