Well i'm trying to get the path from which my app was launched so when it gets an exception i can just handle it and restart it, the only solution to this that i found was getenv ( "PATH" ), however doing this yields this:

[Sat Apr 28 19:29:37 2007](null)/gtamp.cfg

are there any alternatives to this that also work under a linux environment?

argv[0] contains the full path to the program. I don't think the PATH environment variable will help you because it contains a huge number of semi-colon separated directories.

Cheer, works fine now with some formatting:

[Sat Apr 28 20:07:08 2007]C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gtamp.cfg

If your path looks like that, I'd say you've got other problems in the code as well, because it looks like something has been trashed.

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