I tried to search over this site and others as well.
But couldnt help me to solve the above matter.
Actually i want to do a searching algorithm in a PDF file.
I tried to use:

[EMAIL="%@Import"]Import[/EMAIL] Namespace="System.IO"%>

Sub page_load(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
Dim filetoread As String
filetoread = "C:\BuzznetAds30Mac07.pdf"
Dim filestream As StreamReader
filestream = File.OpenText(filetoread)
Dim readcontents As String
readcontents = filestream.ReadToEnd()
End Sub

but it gave me "dont know what characters".
I studied that the API for pdf is different. In order able to read the pdf, i required 3rd party's component to do so..

I would like to know, is there any other alternative? Vb 6.0, Vb.net, C# are welcomed.

Thank you.
Hope that you guys out there can help me...strrrrrugle for 2 weeks researching for this...

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pdf is owned by Adobe but they have opened it for developers.But it is complicated and for simple needs it would seem third party libraries are better solution than developing a solution yourself.

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