Hello every-one,

I am new to java. Can any-one suggest some basic-level yet solid book for transition from c++ to java ?

there been some books 3-5 years back offering move from c++ to java, but I do not know if they print them any more. I used Java How To Program, 6th edition, from Deitel&Deitel, but this consern more people with no programming experience

Take Sun's SL-275 course, which is pretty much geared towards people making the transition from another language to Java.

After that, read Effective Java, the Java Language Specification, and other mid-high end Java texts like Java Concurrency in practice (though that might be over your head for a while), Java Puzzlers, and pretty much every Java book that looks interesting from the O'Reilly catalogue (yes, I own a lot of them, sadly no stock in the company though).

Core Java :)

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