I want you to develop a Refresh mechanism. The grids on various tabs does not refresh automatically when some data is changed due to changes on other pages. For example, if I add some data in detail section and attach a document of personal details the grid on the personal document tab does not refresh. I want to develop a refresh menu option which will force refresh on each tab at a time.

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Use the MSHFlexGrid1.Refresh after every change in your control

If you are updating data you can use this in MSHFlexGrid1_AfterUpdate event too


Hi shasur,

thanks for reply, but what if i hv data grid on three tabs of the application?

also, what i hv decided to do is call the refresh function which i hv created again at this refresh button (which i have created), which will explicitly run code again, but it takes more time.

other way what i think is tabname.gridname.refresh.

shasur do advice and guide me if the way i m thinking is possible with data grid in sstab.


I understand u've used refresh button. But I'm just curious if you have attempted to used [bindable] variables that are responsible for populating grids.
[Bindable] private var _gridData : ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection ( );
endof script>
<DataGrid dataProvider="{_gridData}"/>

This will help you that every time you update _gridData, the grid will update automatically.
I hope that will help.

Enjoy x:

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