Hi, I need some guidelines to start coding a shell script that will provide the administrator with the shutdown options :
-shutdown -now shutdown -h ?
-shutdown [time] , which i have no clue how to use a variable so the user can manually select a time to shutdown.
-shutdown (in minutes) , i know shutdown -t is for secs but what about minutes?

also, do i need to use a loop for this options? for example the user accidentally press the option 2 which is the shutdown time and he wanted to use option 1 instead.

Thanks in advance


If your planning on doing this in Windows then try shutdown /? [XP & 2K3; not sure about 2K and I am almost positive that it is not native to NT]. It will save you some work.

If you plan on doing it in in *nix then I suggest reading the man pages and posting in the Linux *nix forum.

Thanks, im planning on doing this for linux

Linux provides a full complement of switches to the shutdown command and many distributions provide aliases to many commonly used variants, e.g., reboot, poweroff, etc.

Unless you are trying to automate a shutdown/reboot I would have the Administrator take a look and the man pages.

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