Hello i want to know how we can reallocate or refresh the array .In my program i have assign 100 of array's to send byte in each Function ,i am using 4 function in a loop by calling 2nd func in 1st ,3rd in 2nd ..., to get the value from Serial port .So, when i assign 100 of array ,the loop of each function working properly but when 100 of array over it stop 's the looping then i add more 50 to it, it working but if this also have over, then again i have to assign the array for it thus we can assign infinite no of array . IF any doubt in Question Pls ask.

you don't mean ReDim Array(100)

do you?

By assigning ReDim We have not to reallocate again and again

or u can use Redim Preserve Array(100) to avoid deleting the current value of an Array.

Instead of array why can't you try stream?

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