please any professional out there can suggest me with project ideas . .
for my final year project work . . plz. .plz. .

an application that suggests final year projects maybe ?

really pick something youll enjoy (you will do a much better job)

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hey thanks for those links . . .they are really goin to helpin me out. . .

pls helpme for my project...pls give some ideas and titles in

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People say for school projects, it is easier to improve something you already have then creating something new. I studied Information Systems and for my final project, I took a dealership vehicle/client information system what I worked on easier in college and automated everything with couple new features.

What about building a high speed database System? Or a high speed data backup system? Used a lot in industry

I think all depends on what industry your focus is on.
For example, for industrial application, it can range from simple application like inventory or BOM to BI units.
post what you think and where you want to start so we may add ideas to it.