Good morrow everyone,

I have read a couple of threads regarding libraries and was getting the impression that I have to install libraries in order to link executables successfully. Is this true that I have to first install libraries such as Mingw32 or CygWin into my drive in order create a makefile and link my programs successully? Because in my programs I go through the compiling and linking without any errors but when I look at the output it says: "g++.exe: 'g++': NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY. On regular console programs it is a complete success though and an executable is produced.
So I begin to wonder but some threads that I read say that installing libraries into Windows is near impossible. Thanks for your help and may never ending good fortune flow come your way.

It sounds more like your path isn't set up correctly. If you say "g++.exe" but that program isn't in the current working directory, it won't be found unless the rest of the location is in your system path.