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is there any body who know coding for Save and Load Picture on Database (SQL 2000)



I think Yasir has used the word save and load for a database meaning creating a table and retreaving data held in it.

Sure, basically computer view everything digital. You can store the digitised images as a table in a database. You can in this way save thousands of photographs, fingure prints etc. and ofcourse, you can query, match,print - all those things you normally do with data. Are You looking for some job in the police department?

Sorry, I can only say, think!

I have already intimated you in another thread the following statement.


What is that file MyPict.BMP is doing to your LoadPicture. The same thing will be done by a table in a database But for that you have to use some overheads.

Think.. Think..

And Come out with the Best. I will give you one clue. There is a data type image which can store upto 2GB in a single value.

AV Manoharan


Hi Yasir,

Use a "CLOB", "BLOB" OR "IMAGE" TO Store Image Data.
If u r using "ADO" to interact with SQL DB, then u can Stream IN and OUT the Image / Picture, Else Open the Pict File And use GetChunks and store the image..


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