Ok, so I have been tinkering a bit in CPP. I was wanting to do a cash register type system because its kinda simple yet a good challenge for me.

I am thinking about good ol iostream for echoing all of the choices, and switch statements or elseifs for taking user input and moving to the right next category... for example: 1-food, 2-products... when 2 is hit, switch or elseif takes to like products(); which throws a system cls and brings another menu.

it is all making sense to me except for the holding data. what I don't know how to do, is if the cash register picks a particular item in a categorie... hold that item to the subtotal, somehow cache it for a total list later, and then continue with punching in items... how would one go about doing this. The subtotal wouldn't be hard, i think just add whatever the items price is to the already set subtotal, but listing selected items seems harder while still punching them in. ???

Look into arrays and loops. Therein lies your path to enlightenment...