Taking on a pet project to teach myself some things and hone some amateur skills.

Wondering if you could help point me in the right direction and assist me with some technical points as i get stuck.

I have a basic idea of how i would do this,... but i'm not sure whether it is the best way. So ... hence my guidance seeking.

Stage 1 will be a small prototype program,... once i can get it all workin in small form, i will then expand it greatly to an end state that i'm looking for.

Once the program executes. The user will be asked to choose between 3 things.. listed as option ABC or 123. Once they choose,... a random code, ... will give them a result based on their choice. Then they will be given 3 more choices. Random code again.

Just 2 questions asked overall... ending with a summary based on what happened based on their responces.

eg.1st Phase choose A, B or C

If you choose A,... random result of DEF can happen
If you choose B,... random result of GHI can happen
If you choose C,... random result of JKL can happen

2nd Phase You are given another choice based on the random result above.

Person chose C, their random result was L

From L, they are given 3 things to choose from.

If they choose A... random result of MNO can happen
If they choose B... random result of PQR can happen
If they choose C... random result of STU can happen

... summary given...

You choose to do 'x'.... as a result the first random result,.. this led you into situation b.. and you chose 'y'... as a result ... this is what happened.

So there will be alot of stored data as potential outcomes stored.

From choice 1,... 9 possible outcomes.
After Choice 2... could see upto 81 different outcomes 9x9

So over all there would be 90 total outcomes listed in a table. To be randomly drawn form.

..., ... How would you begin coding this..., let me know the best way for me to nut this out. I hope it will teach me alot as a i go.

Once i have this small prototype built.. i plan to expand it.

Project 2 i want to have 'weighted randoms' if possible.. making some out comes more likely then others. Having more choses, more phases.

Any assistence would be greatly appreciated.

Tony Noyeaux

What part in appendix d do you feel is most apt. A few of those things maybe could work.

Well I was referring to the tree example, but your explanation of the problem reminded me of the "guess the animal" game (also in appendix d).

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