I have a current (non-school) project that requires me to update text-files online. (Or at least store data.) I think I need to write a servlet, but am not sure how, and I don't have a good source to teach me. (I tried Applets, but those can't read and write.) If someone could direct me towards a good tutorial, or explain the basics of the doPost() and getPost() methods (Is that what I need?), and how those can be interacted with via a URL Connection, that would be very much appreciated.

Please keep in mind that I am a relatively new, self-taught Java programmer, so some concepts may be over my head. Any help would be appreciated.

Try starting with Sun's J2EE tutorial trail:

There is a lot of information there. Specifically you will want to focus on basic JSP and Servlets. Take a look through those and perhaps Google "JSP servlet tutorial" for some extra info. If you have specific questions that you can't seem to get past then feel free to post them here for help :)

Short of having no idea what "Enterprize Edition" is, thank you. That looks like an excellent source. Also, it looks confusing. I'll give a pre-emptive sigh for the dozens of questions on this forum...

"Enterprise Edition" is just the name they gave to their collection of classes for web and "enterprise" services. They are separate from the Standard Edition (regular) java classes and require an application server (somewhat like a web server) architecture for their use. Tomcat is one such server that allows you to interact with servlets and JSP pages. It can be used by itself or integrated with a web server such as Apache.

In the section "About The Examples" (http://java.sun.com/javaee/5/docs/tutorial/doc/About5.html#wp87965 ), you will find links to download all you need to get started: J2SE, J2EE, and Netbeans (an development tool to write, deploy, and test your code).

Also, it looks confusing. I'll give a pre-emptive sigh for the dozens of questions on this forum...

Yes, there is a lot of info in the Sun tutorial and that volume might actually a bit harder to understand the bare basics. You may want to look at this info first to get a quick take on the basics of JSP:

Thank you again. That tutorial was very helpful, and was even simple enough for me to understand.

Also, thanks for the links to the downloads. I'm sure I can figure it out from here. (And if not, you'll hear from me...)

JSP is more difficult than PHP, you may want to try other options :D

In your case I will stay on the forum which you so strongly promote and improve it as it is dreadful...
Either provide help as requested or don't say anything

commented: Agreed. I've been over to that forum - it's awful. +2
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