I have a database with 3 columns, and approx 60 rows

I need to load this into vb6, into a listbox or what ever you think will work best, in the listbox (or???) I will need the 3 columns, plus a fouth column(at the beginning) that has check boxes.

Can some one point me in the right direction to do this?

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Pllease specify your requirment clearly.
Do u want to load the data of all the three columns into a single listbox.
or you want only to display the records, in that case u can use any grid control.


I have a database called pids
a table called standard_pids
three colums PID/Acronym/Description
I need all three loaded in a listbox? but I will also require a fourth row at the beginning with CheckBoxes


Thank you for your reply, I have a listview, but how do I get checkboxes in first row? or do i do that in MS Access first?

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