I want to update the database from a flexgrid. Is it possible in VB 6.0? I came across an article where it said.. its not possible. But there was a way to do it ... by placing text boxes on the cells of the grid and making those text boxes invisible. Only when clicked on a cell... the text box would be visible and thus a new value can be entered in the text box... which later can be written to the database... and thus show the modified value on the grid.

But, isn't this a bit tedious?? Is there an easier way to do it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You. :S


Yes, MS-FlexGrid is just a dumb grid which displays like a Table, all the coding has to be done by you.
instead u can use a "Datagrid", u dont have to worry abt placing the Textbox, by setting right properties u can use it for Add/Update/Delete


Thanks, i'll try doing it..... :)

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