hi Friends!
i need to open a pdf documents from MsAccess.
Please send me the code.
Then i need to create a BROWSE button such that


When i click the browse button it should work as ordinary windows browse button and when i select some files, the "File-Path" has to be stored in the text_box.

I need the code urgently. Plz send me.
Thanks in advance

Experts are here to help you but not do your home work. To get any help you need to post how / what y have done to solve your problem with code.

and again your questions is a bit confusing.
can u please clarify what do ypu mean by i need to open a pdf documents from MsAccess.

i am not sure what you want to do
1. you are using access forms .
2. filenames are stored in acces table.

Please post your question clearly.

hello sir!

Sorry for the unclear question. let me brief it again.
I have created a field name Path_file in a table.
The path for different pdf files are stored record wise. And i have created a form to open the pdf file stored in the path

Pathfile_text box


When i click the open button, it has to open the file stored in the textbox.
Thanking you


Please contact me through the thread. I am finding difficulty to read your private mail. It eats up my time.

Are you all positive to my enquiry?

Please answer me.

AV Manoharan

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