construct a hierarchy chart (divide the tasks into modules) then an algorithm,flowchart, or pseudo code that will allows a person to track a list of personal contacts. for each contact there are five fields

- First name
- Last name
- Occupation
- Phone Number
- Relationship (of the contact to the person who made the list)

Program needs to read in the information for the contacts and store it an array of records. from there programs should be able to perform some basic list of management features:

1.) The ability to search for a contact by the last name
2.) The ability to add a contact
3.) The ability to delete a contact
4.) The ability to edit a contact
also must annotate/comment in the part of the listing that are demonstrating that.


Program read the information store into the array and you display the contents of that array onscreen. The output must be neatly formatted in the display and phone number must be displayed in the following format:<first three digits> - <last four digits>.Make sure that by formatting the phone number this way, you do not put the dash in with the variable that stores the phone number information

Sample Output - main Screen
|Last Name |First Name |Occupation |Phone Number |Relationship |
|Dela Cruz |Juan |Manager |456-7845 |Father

[A] - Add
[D] - Delete
[E] - Edit
[S] - Search
[X] - Exit

Translate the algorithm, pseudo code, or flowchart constructed into a working C++

Thank you very much!!!!!

thank you for solving my project..god bless and more powers!!!!!

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