Hi all, i am fairly new to ASP.NET. I am designing a web application that should allow users to directly access it once they logon to Windows Operating system. There's no Login screen on this application. Once the user is in the domain via Windows, the Internet Explorer should read their user name from Active Directory and allow them to use it. I've tried everything - but it works on the development platform in Visual Studio 5, however, when the application is called from IE I get a blank user name. I am using Context.User.Identity.Name to retrieve user info. Any help will be very very much appreciated. Thank you.


Before we use Windows authentication, we must first configure IIS. When a user requests a page that requires authorization, the user must be authenticated through IIS.

Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0 supports three methods of authentication.

Basic Authentication

Compatible with all browsers, firewalls and proxy servers. However, usernames and passwords are transmitted across the network in plain text.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Compatible with Intenet explorer (version 2.0 and higher). Usernames and passwords are not transmitted across the network in plain text. This form of authentication is not com[atible with all firewalls and proxy servers.

Diges Authentication

Compatible with IE (version 2.0 or higher)

However, it requires you save to save Windiows usernames and passwords in a plain-text file on the domain server.

Typically, you enable either Basic Authentication or Integrated Windows uthentication. If your application must be compatible with Netscape browsers, you have no choice but to use basic authentication. If you can mandate that all users must use Microspft Internat explorer and you are not using firewa;; or proxy server, you can use Integrated Windows Authentication

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