I want to do a project on Community Server ie wana build a community by java plz tell me whether it will be possible by java and what tool should I use

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Sorry didn't get your question. Can you please elaborate?

I want to build a forum Based on java


If you wanna create community/forum for sake of getting hands on JAVA then I would say, yes you can do it with Java, and one of the combinations which you might want to use for it can be:


above are some very simple and commonly used technologies. So I would say go for them.

But let me tell you my friend, for creating something par excellence, a few thumb rules:
1. Don't be technology specific, just use what's most suitable (To find what's most suitable is most exciting thing in a devloper's life).
2. Try to create as much reusable components as u can.
3. Design your application in multi-tier model. That would certainly help you and other people in maintenance phase.

So, good luck with JAVA, develop something good, and let us have the URL :)

-Kapil Saxena

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