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Should be a thing of the past. In earlier years of computing, when 16bit operating systems were king, memory used to be addressed in segments/chunks of 64k (2**16). If you crossed one of those segments, you got a fault message. Python's memory manager shouldn't give you any problems like that! You might ask our friends in the C forum.


It's the error that gets thrown in C (and other languages with direct memory access) when you try to write to or read from a piece of memory you don't own.

As vega said, you should never see this error in Python, since Python doesn't allow you direct access to memory.

Out of curiousity, why do you ask?



thx for the replies. Hmm i'm using a function from the scipy lib called interpolate.(interp2d) It basically takes in 3 arrays and is supposed to perform interpolation. Whenever i use that function, python prints out the segmentation fault msg n then crashes :(


Scipy is written in C, must be that memory management is out of reach for Python to increase speed of certain functions within scipy.

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