as title mentioned, i face problem with convert a jumbled text file to unjumbled text file, some of you might not clear what i am saying, well a example will give a clear idea what this all about.

jumbled text file contain a few line of number,
after unjumbled it, a cute bear will show up...

seriously i dun have any idea how to do this... :sad:

Was this an assignment from someone? And they didn't give you any hints or instructions on HOW to convert the numbers to something that represents a bear? That doesn't sound fair!

Did they give you the file with numbers in it? What does the first two or three lines look like?

Ok,that can be done quite easily if you know your file handling and a little bit of char manipulation.

If you want a tutorial on file handling then here is a link.

Now here is an idea on how to do it.

1.First open the jumbled file
2.Open an output file
3.Read a line from the jumbled file

Now let the line be like:12 0000000XX0000XXXXXX

4.Get the line no (i.e 12) by copying the letter for the read line till you reach a space
5.If the number is the current line (i.e 1) then write to output file
6.Do this till all the lines are done and keep repeating the jumbled file reading.

Ok simple eh,but it's not too good or efficient but should do the job.Also to convert a char array which holds a num like "2324" into a int use atoi() (#include stdlib.h)

char char_num[] = "sdfsd";
int x = atoi(char_num);