I am a J2EE developer.

I need to learn the Weblogic application server and I am currently in delhi.

Can anyone in delhi volunteer me to teach for which i am ready to pay.
Also if possible can anyone direct me to the right links and the right reference material for learning weblogic on my own.

thanks for all the help !!!!

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For learning materials, google is your friend. This is what I got with simple quary and already first link is interesting

Re: java - weblogic help !!!! 80 80


Iam in Bangalore. What kind of books do you want? Let me know if you are facing any problem.

I will help you

Deepak Xavier

Re: java - weblogic help !!!! 80 80

if you have a legal copy you'll have the documentation which includes tutorials.
if you don't you're a lowlife pirate and deserve no help apart from a hobnailed boot kicking you to hell.

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