hi. can someone please explain what are message passing interfaces and how i can code them?



Please reffer to your post about networking stuff for my answer.


Hey,give details.There are a lot of message passing interfaces types related to various totally diffrent stuff........

sorry for so few details, but i havent the slighest idea about them. if possible could u pls talk bout a few concepts or give me some basic info about the common things involved in it so that i could follow up frm there.

if there r any links u could fwd me, thatl be gr8 too.



ps: sorry for the trouble caused if any :-)

Gee,if you want just an overall stuff about things you dont know then try http://www.google.com
That will give you lots of good stuff,as I always say enough to drown in.

P.S If you want a tut on winsock servers try the tut fourm here at daniweb.

In short, message passing interfaces are one of the popular ways that operating systems work.

Your code, as an application, has 'messages' "rain down" upon it. You get to respond to each message as it comes in.

Messages may be things like startup, shutdown, draw yourself, a timer fired, etc.

Some OS', like DOS, don't use message passing, instead your program assumes overall control of the computer and you demand/ask for information from the system. Console apps often work this way too.

So, a console app might say:

print "What is your name?";
input name;
if (name == "Chainsaw") print "You are a genius!";

whereas a message passing interface would be more like...

<display form>
<wait for messages>
<on edit-box-exit, get edit-box-contents, if contents == "Chainsaw", etc etc etc>

So, message passing interfaces are more involved, but allow multiple processes to share the machine cooperatively.

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