I am a complete newbie to c++ and I am trying to find some tutorials. What I am trying to do is use a variable (from external text file) to rotate a 3D object. Then for the program to take a picture of the position the 3D object is in. Then to repeat the process but from the next word (another variable) in the external text file.
So would you know of any tutorials that would be of great use to me. I have search the web many times but can't find what I need.

Re: Do you know of some C++ Tutorials 80 80

If you are that new to c++ then there is no way you can complete that project right now. Learn the language first by reading some introduction to c++ books or eboks. Read through the Read Me threads at the top of this board for lots of good links and information. Study hard and in about six months or so you might be able to tackle your project.

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