Hey everyone,
I am writing an Excel2007 macro at work because we have two large Excel databases to compare to each other. Basically we have our old database, and our new database. We want to compare the two and find the similar entries based on a particular column.

The issue I have ran into is that the "Key" column for each Excel file has similar entries, but they are not identical. They were managed by two different people, whom gave each account similar,but different names(i.e. one used commas and one didnt, one used different spacing, one abbreviated some names, etc).

I have my script that validates exact duplicates, but I am running into a problem trying to figure out a "LIKE" function in VB that I can use in my Excel macro. If only this was all in SQL... =).

Any ideas?


Update - I've configured my Like operator to somewhat work, but it still does not match it unless the initial string is the same and the only difference is before or after it.

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Can you attach some sample data and the code you have already built, and I will check if I can help you.

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