Actually my requirement is some thing like this...

I'm writing a parser which has standard xml format which will be written in a file like this
"<TESTDATA><FACTORY NAME=""SAKTHI"" TESTER=""" & Getcontent(97, ":", 1) & """ /></TESTDATA>"

and this parser has to watch a folder constantly and then once file is dropped then the parser should read the contents and then execute this xml which means Getcontent(97, ":", 1) has to be translated as "Passed" . "Passed" is nothing but the string in the 97th line's first value of the tester log after splitting using : ...

97th line is as below
H UUT Result: Passed

so whenever any file is dropped into that folder the parser reads the file and then reads the xml from the xmlinput.txt file and then translates the xml....

This xml will vary incase if we are asked to read some more contents in 4th line and 8th line....

So now if i read the content of the xmlinput.txt and then write it to a RichTextbox, vb just just writes as it is
"<TESTDATA><FACTORY NAME=""SAKTHI"" TESTER=""" & Getcontent(97, ":", 1) & """ /></TESTDATA>"

but instead i want

How to do this????? Scripting has some limits since some of the vbcommands wont work and Memory Management is very important for parser....

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Hi All,

Click here to Download Parser Source Code

Please check the attachment for my sample source code which tells what i need ultimately.... Microsoft scripting has some limitations and memory management issues... So Please suggest some method...

Once you run the exe in the attachment or in vbp you can see two command buttons. If you click on the first button... the xml string is read from a text file and then displayed in the text box and if you click the command button 2 you can see a string of xml is displayed in the text box...

My Requirement is command1's output should come like command2's output... How to do?? Any API or Idea or Tips???

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