I am making a multi editor to use in my (some days in a month) job relateed to web building, and i have a problem in my html editor.
I transformed the StyledTextCtrl_2 module from the wxPython Demo, from Python editor to HTML editor. Thats mean that i changed the Lexer, put a keywords list and changed the styles to stc_H_styles. It works fine, (besige the zig-zag underline under text between <script> and </script>, that i can't get rid off).
The major problem is that the Lexer don't fold the text in the window, it doesn't show any marks on the margin. and if i just change the lexer to STC_LEX_PYTHON, then it show the marks and folds and expends fine.
So the question must be - what do i have to change concern to folding, when i change Lexer
I don't want to bother you people with code - I'm not sure i understand how to put it correctly, it is the StyledTextCtrl_2 module from the wxPython Demo.
I am not a programer, i just learnd all that stuff from net in the last year and i'll be happy to find an answer here becouse i have already chacked eny peace of information i got in google (which was not much)...
thanks ..

Well, I found the solution:

therw is another code line to add:
after xxx.SetProperty("fold", "1")
add - xxx.SetProperty("fold.html", "1")

it works !! :icon_lol: