Hello world on daniweb,
I am clueless on how to start. It might be easy or it
might not be. It might already be doable without any programming.
I want to import and export equation editor objects or
fields in and out of ms word documents. Mostly i want to
be able to retrieve equation editor fields from a word doc,
and into an interface that I can customize with some other
I am thinking the application might involve java or visual
basic or VBA, or active x, or something else entirely. If there
is something similar that already exists that I could buy affordably
then that would be ok too.
For a simple example of something that would get me going,
consider an application that would scan a word doc for all the
equation editor fields/objects, and list them in some application,
say maybe an excel worksheet. However, Excel seems to take eq editor
objects, but they seem to have terrible distortions in them.
But any type of customizable GUI would be ok that would
display ms equations.
I am not new to programming as I have studied and worked
in fortran, assembly, and math programming applications, but
I don't know much about java or visual basic, or programs that
manipulate ms data.
Thanks in advance for your help.

PS, I write the word documents that I want to retrieve the equation editor fields from, so I can write them to retrieve from later, if that helps.